La Rosa to be moving

According to the Bulletin:

La Rosa Authentic Mexican Kitchen is moving to NorthWest Crossing, a mixed-use community on Bend’s west side, citing limited seating and parking at its current location on Northwest College Way. The Jaliscan cuisine restaurant, which has been at its existing site for about 3 1/2 years, is expected to open in its new space this spring. The new location, a stand-alone building on the southeast corner of Mt. Washington Drive and Northwest Crossing Drive, is in the final design stage, according to NorthWest Crossing management. The newly constructed 2,940-square-foot building will begin interior construction within the month.

La Rosa is one of the best Mexican restaurants in town, but space has always been an issue. It’s a good move for them overall, but I have to wonder if moving farther west (rather than closer to downtown) will help or hurt them in the long run.

4 thoughts on “La Rosa to be moving

  1. I agree; La Rosa is one of the best Mexican restaurants.

    The food is SOOOO not your typical Mexican food, and the presentation is awesome. Marcos is top notch….

  2. the new location is only 1.6 miles away from the current location according to google maps. either way, it’s closer to my house, so i think that’s good. but i’m selfish like that.

  3. Marcos is over at Hola now Keeneye.

    I’m not sure about that move although with that little market, the little cafe, 38 degrees all over there in that little spot, La Rosa will make a good addition to that neighborhood while it grows. But it is off the beaten path. Too bad La Rosa doesn’t have the best chips and salsa in town like El Caporal does, or I’d go there more often.


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