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After blogging about the Bulletin letter forum yesterday, I wondered about how many other online forums/bulletin boards there are out there dedicated to Bend. There’s a few I know about, and others I’ve dug up via search; I don’t know offhand how active any of these are (other than if they’ve obviously been updated recently), but I figured I’d list what I found.

(I’m not even counting blogs or other similar sites where people can simply leave comments; I’m just looking at sites that offer threaded conversations.)

Those are the ones I can definitively point to, though I’m sure there are more. But there’s a whole other class of sites that are similar to forums but aren’t quite: "Groups" from the portal/search sites like Google, Yahoo, MSN; social networking groups/directories on sites like MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn; or "middle tier" sites (or private ones) that have forums embedded in them. Perhaps at some point I’ll create a list of all those that I find.

Are there other forums for Bend that anyone wants to contribute?

2 thoughts on “Bend forums

  1. I’m thinking I might have to moth-ball — general forums, other than the psychos on craigslist — just don’t seem to do well here, and I didn’t get the thing live early enough before craigslist hit town.

    Wonder if the Bulletin would buy the domain, as theirs kinda sucks.

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