A Holiday Gift Guide?

Last December I wrote up a Holiday Shopping Guide here, and minus a few businesses that closed over this past year (Boomtown, Gambit Games, Vino Mercato), I think it’s still pretty relevant and there’s no reason to repeat myself.

But I was thinking about maybe doing a Holiday Gift Guide instead. The premise would be gifts that are fairly unique (or are related) to Bend/Central Oregon somehow, rather than just neat gifts you could buy anywhere.

I like the idea—it could be a lot of fun—but I strongly suspect it’s not one I could do justice to by myself… so does anyone have any suggestions?

9 thoughts on “A Holiday Gift Guide?

  1. How about a nice, big coffee (or tea) mug, handmade in Central Oregon by Owen at Mug Revolution? (www.mugrevolution.com)

    A copy of Bend, Overall for newcomers (or even old-timers).

    Be-Bop Biscotti from diLusso (I have a couple of relatives with standing orders every year).

  2. We have t-shirts, hoodies, pint glasses and stickers that say Cog Wild, Bend Oregon. We are also selling gift certificates for tours, shuttles, women’s riding clinics and more. I know I am a little late, but I am just starting to get the word out.

  3. Of the Earth, a Bend company, opened an Outlet Store at 542 NW Arizona right down the street from Strictly O. Stylish Organic Clothing (Organic Cotton, Soy, Hemp, Merino Wool) all for rock bottom prices $5-$25.00

  4. Tumalo Farms makes nationally award-winning goats’ milk cheese right here in Bend. You can shop at the farm (64515 Mock Road) on Saturdays 12-5, or on the website. There are gift boxes or "Cheese of the Month" clubs available.

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