Ice skating

We were up at the Seventh Mountain Resort over the weekend, at the ice skating rink they have there. It’s one of only two "official" ice skating rinks we have in Central Oregon (that I know of)—for an area with such an emphasis on winter sports, it seems like ice skating would be a no-brainer… but  there’s really not much.

Seventh Mountain Resort details: Outdoor rink. $8 per session rink admission, $4 skate rental. Hours can be found here (PDF). They also have skating lessons available, at various prices.

The other rink is at the Sunriver Village Mall, during the winter (obviously). It’s an outdoor rink also (during the summer it’s a mini-golf course). Skate rentals available. Hours are Monday through Friday, 3pm to 8pm, Saturday 11am to 3pm and 4pm to 8pm, and Sunday 4pm to 8pm.

Actually, I use the term "official" kind of loosely here… because there’s also ice skating available during the winter at Shevlin Park, on the Pond next to Aspen Hall when it freezes over. So technically, it’s not a rink (hence "official"), and it’s only available when it gets cold enough for the pond to freeze and stay frozen. Rentals are available there as well.

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