Holiday Gift Guide: guidelines

So, starting tomorrow (Monday) I’ll be running with the Holiday Gift Guide idea I had last week. Between comments on that post, some ideas of my own, and (hopefully) more feedback as I post, there’s plenty to write about.

The idea, of course, is to put together a gift guide for things that are related to Bend and Central Oregon in some way—produced here, are unique to the area, are about the area somehow, like that. In some cases, ironically, there may only be a source for the item(s) online—but where possible, I’ll try to point to a local outlet.

I’ll be using a price range scheme, too, in the highly (un)original form of dollar signs. Here’s my scale:

  • $0 – 15: $
  • $15 – 30: $$
  • $30 – 60: $$$
  • $60 – 100: $$$$
  • $100+: $$$$$

And if I come across something ridiculously cheap, I’ll tag it with the "cent" sign: ¢

I think I’ll do one item (or group of items, if they’re all from the same vendor or something) per post, rather than do a big post for each possible category.

And maybe if I’m feeling really ambitious I’ll turn it all into a downloadable PDF. But don’t count on that.