Holiday Gift Guide: Bend, Overall: $

Bend, Overall by Scott CookWhat: Bend, Overall, by Scott Cook. One of the best local guidebooks to the area, written by a local, with emphasis on the outdoors. I reviewed it here: "The book is divided into 53 featured outings/destinations, several driving tours, and maps. Each of the outings features exact directions for both driving and hiking, helpful tips like whether dogs are allowed and the price (if any), and is peppered liberally with photographs and tidbits of history and trivia."

For: Tourists and locals alike who want to see what the "Central Oregon lifestyle" is all about. But, if you’re looking for a book that also recommends and reviews restaurants, lodging, shopping, etc., then this isn’t it.

Price: $14.95 new – $

Where: Look for it at The Book Barn (135 NW Minnesota, downtown), or perhaps used at The Open Book (155 NE Greenwood) or The Bookmark (228 NE Greenwood).

If you’re looking online:

Trivia: Trade paperback, 144 pages, guidebook-sized (about 5×8), should fit well in a stocking.