The Blacksmith’s new beer list

Check this out: the Blacksmith Restaurant is all set to re-open (remember, they had closed down for remodeling), and they have an extensive beer list, thanks to local blogger brewerman. I’ve seen the tap list (Spence at brewerman gave me a peek—it’s not online yet) and I can confirm it’s quite extensive—the best tap list of anywhere I’ve seen in town.

(If I can, I’ll post the list.)

I don’t know how extensive their bottle selection will be, but I imagine it will be similarly well-stocked. Basically, among other things, the Blacksmith is going to be the best beer bar in town.

One thought on “The Blacksmith’s new beer list

  1. Ask and you shall receive….Here is the tap list as it is today. We will be rotating at least 2 to 3 of these handles. Many thanks to Brewerman in helping us put together a nice portfolio. The bottles list is a little longer, and I will try to get that posted when I can. Thanks for the nod.

    Victory Prima . Downingtown, PA. Pilsner.

    Spaten . Germany . Oktoberfest.

    Stela Artois . Belgium. Pilsner.

    Franziskaner. Germany . Hefe-weisse.

    Deschutes Miror Pond. Bend, OR . Pale Ale .

    Mac & Jack. Redmond, WA. African Amber.

    Gren Flash West Coast. San Diego, CA. IPA .

    Rogue. Newport, OR. Brutal Bitter.

    Bend Brewing Company. Bend, OR. Outback Ale.

    Guines. Ireland. Stout.

    Roots Excalibur Organic. Portland, OR. Imperial Stout.

    Dogfish Head 90 Minute. Delaware . Imperial IPA.

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