Holiday Gift Guide: Beer!: $-$$$

GrowlerWhat: Growlers of beer from one of our local microbreweries, of course! (Oh come on, you knew I’d get to this one eventually, right?) And actually, they don’t have to be limited to growlers: Deschutes Brewery, for instance, will fill any (reasonable) container for you. But don’t just get any beer you can find in the grocery store (like the main line of Deschutes and Cascade Lakes beers, for instance)—pick something special from the respective brewery.

For: Beer drinkers.

Price: From the $4 minimum for 20 ounces Deschutes charges, to roughly $12 for a "standard" growler, to an ultra-fancy flip-top one (like the one pictured) that Deschutes sells, filled, for $35 – $-$$$

Where: Deschutes Brewery, Cascade Lakes, Bend Brewing Company, Silver Moon Brewing. I (shamefully) don’t know if McMenamins or Wildfire Brewing (at JC’s) sells growlers, but it never hurts to ask.

Trivia: Both Deschutes and Bend Brewing are medal-winners at the Great American Beer Festival, as well as being the two oldest microbreweries in the area.