Holiday Gift Guide: Qubits: $$$

Qubits - The construction toy of the futureWhat: "The construction toy of the future." That’s as good a description as any for Qubits; this creative and educational toy looks to me like a cross between Legos and an Erector set. Each set contains 150 pieces and according to the creator, "will help children develop spatial skills and manual dexterity. The geometry is natural and scientific. The structures can be very architectural, structural, invoke concepts in engineering or touch on basic concepts of NanoTechnology."

For: Kids, particularly those who like building things.

Price: $39.95 – $$$

Where: Order directly online. You might be able to find these at Kids World in the Forum Shopping Center (eastside).

Trivia: The creator of Qubits, Mark Burginger, is a local architect. He and the toy were featured in this Bulletin article (which brought Qubits to my attention).

One thought on “Holiday Gift Guide: Qubits: $$$

  1. Most parents wouldn’t be able to figure out a toy like this. They would prefer to buy some brain-dead video game and stick their kid in front of a TV set.

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