Holiday Gift Guide: Booze: $$

Crater Lake Vodka from BendistilleryWhat: Locally-distilled spirits from Bendistillery. Everyone knows about their Crater Lake Vodka and Cascade Mountain Gin, but they also have a hazelnut espresso and a hot pepper-infused vodka.

The vodka is filtered though crushed volcanic rock—local, of course—while the gin is made from locally-picked wild juniper berries. And the distillery is looking into buying a farm in Tumalo to produce crops for their spirits, further bringing the local flavor to their products.

For: Anyone who wants something stronger than local beer.

Price: Around $20 to 25 – $$

Where: Available at all the liquor stores in the area.

Trivia: For companies that want to "own their own spirit brand," Bendistillery offers private label vodka, and will produce a flavored vodka of any type.