Holiday Gift Guide: Frontier Doctor: $$

Frontier DoctorWhat: Frontier Doctor, by Urling Coe. One of my favorite Bend history books—this is more of a narrative than a dry history tome and it’s a fantastic read. Urling Coe came to Bend in 1905 to practice medicine when Bend was still entirely a frontier town, and his experiences and observations over the years that followed as Central Oregon developed are priceless.

For: Anyone interested in Bend history.

Price: $15.95 new – $$

Where: Try the Book Barn first—they have the best selection of local interest/authors that I’ve seen in town.


Trivia: Urling Coe (aside from having an unusual name) also served as one of Bend’s first mayors and co-founded Bend’s first bank.

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  1. I went looking for this book for a Christmas present and they were all out at the Book Barn, but they have a bunch at the Des Chutes Historical Museum on Idaho Ave. in Bend

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