Coffee and free wifi

Been sitting on this link for awhile—okay, I actually forgot about it—but Jen posted several places in town to get coffee and free wifi awhile back. She’s come up with seven items for her list, which is two or three more than I would have.

I’d also add McMenamins Old St. Francis School; they have free wifi on their property and you can certainly get coffee (among other things!) there. (They even roast their own.)

Any others?

2 thoughts on “Coffee and free wifi

  1. Thanks for the link! I don’t like to count McMenamin’s because I am still cranky about girls’ night ( And then to add insult to injury… on one of the VERY FEW recent kid-less nights when I wanted to go to a late movie there (mmm… beer and moooovie…) they had the audacity to show football in the theater. SO not my scene. 🙁

    Yeah, I am not afraid to hold a grudge.

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