The Source community photos

The Source is trying something new: they’ve created a Flickr group called "Light Meter" for use as a community photo album:

Welcome to Light Meter, the Source Weekly’s interactive photo feature. Here’s how to participate:

1. Join Flickr, if you haven’t already.
2. Join the Light Meter Flickr Group.
3. Add photos to the group by clicking "Send to Group" on the page of the photo you’d like to add.
4. Done! Your picture will be added to the Light Meter group. We are going to publish our favorites in the Source Weekly.

I think the publish the favorites part is key. Not sure how they’re going to handle copyright issues though—I assume they’ll ask permission first—and I don’t know (but wouldn’t expect) financial reimbursement. But still, that’s cool.

One thought on “The Source community photos

  1. Hrm. I abandoned my Flickr in favor of deviant art.

    DA doesn’t have any of limitations and they offer some copyright protection (I don’t know if the strength of their copyright has ever been tested but at least there’s a record of it there). I couldn’t care less about compensation.

    Might have to revisit my account.

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