Sisters: Three Creeks Brewing

It was about six months ago when I blogged about the plans for a brewpub in Sisters (part of the FivePine development). Well, yesterday the Nugget reports that they’ve broken ground:

Three Creeks Brewing Company (TCBC) broke ground on its new brew pub facility on Monday, January 7.

Kallberg Construction will build the structure on the FivePine campus, just west of Sisters Movie House, with an opening slated for the summer of 2008.

[T]he 6,000-square-foot facility will provide a full restaurant, a 10-barrel brewing system, a large bar area with large screen plasma TVs, two pool tables and a large patio.

The theme is to be rustic, Old West livery stable.

Nice! Something else to look forward to come summer. Still curious about details, though, but I think I’ll try to contact Wade Underwood and see what’s what. I do note that they’ve already registered the domain (though there’s no site yet, just a landing page).

(I need to follow the Nugget more regularly; I found this via John Foyston, who’s in Portland.)