Bad headlines

Wow, there’s spam blogs, and then there’s just… wrong blogs.

When the Round About Bend "blog" first appeared on my radar, it almost looked like a spam blog… you know, the kind of blog that just posts canned (and often lifted from other sites without telling) content to get the search engine traffic, and plasters ads all over the page for the easy money. I’d actually exchanged an email with a person there because they were weirdly and incorrectly linking to Hack Bend for something else entirely… still are, sort of. But, they fixed the one I pointed out and generally I thought, no harm, no foul—it’s another source of potentially interesting data about Bend, so I subscribed to it in my newsreader.

Today, though, there are two items which really bring "spam blog" right to the forefront: Bend’s Hans Restaurant has award winning lunches and desserts and Typhoon in Bend celebrates first anniversary.

When you’re wrong, you’re wrong. I mean, we all know Hans has been closed for awhile now, right? And we know that Typhoon hasn’t been open for even remotely a year, right? A mere two minutes of online research would have revealed both these facts.

I probably shouldn’t even link and encourage it… but I find it so backwardly funny that I can’t help it.

4 thoughts on “Bad headlines

  1. They also still have Ryan’s Deli (now Downtower) and Giuseppe’s (now POW) in their list of restaurants. Dude, Alpenglow is ONE word. And the photo at Baltazar’s features a kid (oh, the horror).

    It’s pretty obviously a link-bomb for the hoteltravelcheck-dot-com site (based in California), with all the links and different variations of "Bend" "Oregon" "Bend Oregon" for each. and. every. item. But my favorite is towards the bottom, under Bend Oregon Living:
    Plastic Surgery in Bend
    Plastic Surgery Bend Oregon

    ‘Cuz they are different things, apparently. 😉

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