Looking for The Abyss?

That would be Deschutes Brewery‘s much-coveted Imperial Stout, which was just officially released today. I have a write-up on my beer blog of their release party.

But the real hint here is where to find it. I’ve been calling around to the various stores in town who will carry it, and the earliest anyone can tell me they’ll be getting this beer is "maybe Wednesday." Even at the Brewery itself (on Simpson Avenue), Wednesday at the soonest. So if you’re dying for this beer, you’ll have to wait until (maybe) it shows up at the store. And it doesn’t sell out.

…Unless you go to the Pub itself downtown. They were selling bottles tonight (they’re $10 each), and if they haven’t run out, you can still buy them there. Score! I took no chances: I bought a case.

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