Some happenings this weekend

A couple of things I thought I’d mention for this weekend—well, Saturday, anyway.

First the Library is having their Winter Book Sale on Saturday. As usual, that runs from 10 to 4 and is located at the Library Administration Building at 507 NW Wall, in the basement. Best deals on used books in town when they do this… children’s books are sold by the inch (stacked).

Also, it’s the Family Free Day at the High Desert Museum all day on Saturday. Might be a bit cold to wander around the outdoor exhibits, but the indoor ones are pretty good, too.

One thought on “Some happenings this weekend

  1. We went to both of these and have to say if you didn’t go you missed out. The museum had some great new exhibits and the library book sale was more like a blow out sale, tons of audio books for $0.25 each.

    Thanks for keeping us up to date!

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