PR Blurb: 5 free DVD’s with Blu-Ray player purchase

This is sort of a mini-press release but it was a reasonable email pitch so I figured, why not. I don’t know what a Blu-Ray player goes for, but this doesn’t seem like a bad deal. Maybe someone who follows up on it could report back?

Purchase your Blu-Ray player with Home System Solutions and get 5 DVD’s free!

Recently there has been a technology war for the newest DVD player format. The dust is starting to settle with Blu-Ray being the strong forerunner ahead of HD DVD. Although locally many stores has been selling both versions, Home System Solutions has been waiting for a strong winner to recommend to the general public and their existing clients.

To celebrate, all Sharp and Panasonic Blu-Ray DVD players purchased through Home System Solutions come with a rebate for 5 free Blu-Ray DVD’s. In addition, you will receive 15% off a Custom remote control (program all your remotes into one!) and custom cables needed to properly connect and enhance your Blu-ray experience.

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