Winter weather notes

– With schools closed today and snow everywhere and much of the town on lockdown (not really—but the police are urging people to stay off the roads), I’m wondering how that will affect the Bend WebCon 2 going on downtown today (from 11-3). I won’t be there either way, but a number of other bloggers will be.

Super Burrito may be opening as soon as mid-February. They’re waiting on permits to finish up some interior work. The location is the former Makahna’s space, right next door to Alpenglow on the corner of Greenwood and Bond.

7 thoughts on “Winter weather notes

  1. We missed you! COWPU got a plug from Andre, and Owen got to talk about his mugs. The guy from Facebook looked bored and the guy from Anvil is a microphone hog. 😛

  2. Yep, I’d have to agree–you’re in the wrong place then. There are plenty of perpetually warm places–pick one, we love that heavenly white stuff. 😀

  3. Bring on the Snow! It’s finally starting to look the the winters we used to have. Now maybe all the "fair-weather" folks who moved here will start to have second thoughts. ; )

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