La Costa Azul redux

I first posted a review on La Costa Azul back in May of last year; it’s the Mexican restaurant up on Bend’s north side, on the corner of Empire Boulevard and Layton Avenue. We’ve been there a few times since then, most recently last night for dinner; here are some notes.

  • They finally got their liquor license, after who-knows-how-long. Finally! My wife and I both had Perfect Margaritas for $7.50 each; I’m not a margarita aficionado but I thought it was pretty decent.
  • Kids meals are a pretty good deal: $4 and a good portion of food.
  • They have a new sign hanging outside: "Now under new management." ??
  • I thought the food was good, with a "but": for the prices per entrée that they charge, I think they need to increase the portions. Other Mexican places in town set the standard here.
  • Service was friendly, and quick. There was also more business in last night that we’ve seen in the past.

La Costa Azul
63055 Layton Avenue
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 322-3986

6 thoughts on “La Costa Azul redux

  1. "under new management" … I’m guessing the guy who used to own the joint has sold… may have something to do with him heading back to Mexico since he’s wanted on sex abuse charges and skipped out on a court appearance a couple of months back… May inhibit his ability to run his business!

  2. hmmmm…… same cole-slawsa as el craporal, puerto allegre & that one at Cascade Biz park… It’s all the same. Glorified Taco Bell!! All the more reason to boycott the family chain…. sex offender!

  3. Question to Anonymous: Are these abuse comments based on rumor or fact? Can a news article please be cited.

  4. Jen,

    We did try Pepe’s once, but it was such a bad experience, he couldn’t even blog about it . It was *that* bad!

    –Jon’s wife
    ps, we did have a margarita, but it was putrid.

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