Pilot Butte Drive-In will be open til 6!

Holy smokes! I just called and confirmed what my wife thought she saw on their sign: Bend’s best burger joint, the Pilot Butte Drive-In, will be staying open until 6pm starting this Monday, the 11th!

It was back in July of 2004 that they announced they were cutting their dinner shift; they cut their closing time back from (if I remember correctly) 9pm to 3pm. A lot of us were really disappointed.

The new hours will be 6:30am to 6pm; not quite a dinner shift, but a huge improvement. Awesome!

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8 thoughts on “Pilot Butte Drive-In will be open til 6!

  1. Saw this a couple weeks ago, too — been meaning to blog about it, but just been too dang busy. But I’m stoked about this, too (though I wish it’d be open until 7 so I’d have time to make it home from work to pick one up).

  2. So we went by there at 5:30 on Saturday to find them closed, even after their phone message says open till 6pm every day. Bummer!

  3. PBDI moved up to second best burgers in town only after the A&B closed…….How about asking why they fired all of their disabled and challenged help. No burger is good enough for me to swallow that.

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