Bend Brewing beer lineup

Bend Brewing has the most interesting lineup of beers listed that I’ve seen in a long time: Nitro Coconut Cream Stout, Nitro Amber, Big Eddy Bitter, Imperial Pilsner, and Scotch Ale. In particular, it’s the Coconut Cream Stout and the Imperial Pilsner that caught my eye.

3 thoughts on “Bend Brewing beer lineup

  1. PLEASE taste the Nitro Coconut Cream stout for me. It’s screaming at my inner Hawaiian!

    One of the best brews that I’ve had was at BBC; a Nitro vanilla bean porter. Shoot. I may have to drive to Bend just to try this new one…

  2. The Coconut Cream Stout is one of my all time favorite brews. I had it once when the offered it a couple of years ago and haven’t seen it since. I might have to ditch Mr. liw(asai) tonight to head down and enjoy a pint while they have it! 😛

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