Robby J’s Bistro… closed!…?

Nothing on their website about it yet—or anywhere else that I know of—but I found out last night that Robby J’s Bistro is closed! As in, out of business.

Apparently, Chef Jacques was calling folks who had reservations, and telling them personally about the closure.

It’s possible that I misunderstood the message, so perhaps this should be treated as a rumor, but I tried calling Robby J’s several times today to confirm, and got no answer—no answering machine, nothing. (I called when they normally should have been open, or someone should have been around.) So it’s looking accurate.

Anyone have the scoop?

3 thoughts on “Robby J’s Bistro… closed!…?

  1. If I take just a little bit of pleasure in seeing one more pretentious, fair-weather Californian hightail it home, does that make me a bad person? 🙂

  2. Carrie… Carrie… Carrie…
    Yes I remember you! “The odd one” I remembers you from your movie! (1974 Stephen King)
    Do you still have those bad memories and nightmares? I guess it would be harsh on one…

    About your question: “Does that make me a bad person? ”
    No Carrie, that does not make you a bad person, but it does not make you a good person either, so I guess you must be the ugly one!
    I found your avatar, you really should use it!

    About your comments:
    Does this mean that people from California should NOT go to Bend and spend their money? Are Bend people all narrow-minded like you about other States also, or just California? What about NY? Are people from NY ok with you? And does it stop at where you’re from only, or do you only accept a certain color, race, age, woman only, kids, no kids. About other Countries? Do I need to have short hair? What IQ do I need? Do I need a big BAZOUKA… that’s what I want to know… or do you just like donuts. Yes I think that’s what it is! Donuts. Where’s the donut…
    Pretentious? Who’s pretentious here. Are you actually that much better than everyone else in Bend! I do hope you are a small minority that is “PO” at the world in general and think your ___ don’t stink. I’m sorry but the fact that NO one from Bend reply to your insulting post is really not very positive for Bend is it. Sorry!
    Well… there is always a positive side… you didn’t use your power and destroy them… You just waited patiently and as a brave waited until they left to let them have it! How noble of you.
    And just in case you’re still wondering CARRIE!… yes I am from California but I am ashamed to read your comments and if there is anyone in Bend with a higher stupidity and cowardliness they really should apologize on your behalf so we don’t look like complete morons to other people on the planet. They do read English you know! and, our colors are not supposed to be runny. Be proud, be the few, be the one, and support your “Brothers and Sisters” even if they came from the “ghettos”. Some of us just cannot help it… we were born that way. Please don’t blame us.

    Bend. What ashamed! It did look like a nice place until I found this. This is what’s so great about the internet.. You can visit places and people before going there.
    So thank you. Really!

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