March at Thump

March events and such at Thump Coffee.

CUPPING: Sunday 3/23, 1:30-3:30pm
This is where the sensory adventure begins! Come to our public coffee cuppings and taste coffees side by side. Discover personal preferences, likes and dislikes, and begin to taste hints of citrus, fruits, wines, chocolate, spices and possibly flowers. You will appreciate how a skilled roaster took meticulous time and care to bring those flavors out instead of roast them away (see this month’s Thumpology). Cuppings are usually the third Sunday of the month at 1:30pm – get details at our website and by subscribing to the newsletter.

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ART: Artists Local 101 – Group Show (through April)
Artist Local 101 is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting contemporary and outsider art. For many years, the group has provided local artists who work "outside the box" with a vehicle for exhibiting their art, as well as a place to network with other artists. This group show features a diverse representation of many artists affiliated with the organization, including Holly Hutton, Lisa Wachs, Lloyd McMullen and Bridget McGinn. Artist Local 101 welcomes new members, and membership forms will be available at thump.

ART: Mark Bernahl’s "Wishes" Are Back!
If you’ve been wishing the "Wishes" would come back, your wish just came true. Thank you to everyone who created a new "Wish Plank" for 2008. Artist Mark Bernahl’s popular "Wishes" installation is back with a whole new collection of cedar planks hung from the ceiling, gently swaying in the air currents.

LITERATURE: Buffalo’s Column  According to Buffalo, his column "was and is mostly to entertain, sometimes to stimulate, and possibly, to make you think. The column will deal with current political situations, socioeconomics, local news, current movies, or anything that comes into the wacky mind of its writer." Pick up the daily installment next time you’re in.

FEATURED COFFEE: Guatemala Finca el Injerto – Pacamara varietal (Direct Trade)
From the folks at Stumptown Coffee Roasters in Portland: "The Stumptown-El Injerto relationship is one of our proudest relationships. It’s our longest standing Direct Trade coffee and we feel like our efforts, combined with that of the Aguirre family, have improved the coffee year after year. Unfortunately, that’s not enough for us. We need more El Injerto!  Last year we brought you folks the Maragogype varietal for the first time and it sold quicker than a hoppy IPA at our ritual Friday ‘Mandatory Meetings’. This year, we brought in another El Injerto varietal family member: the Pacamara. The Pacamara is a hybrid varietal, created in El Salvador, from the Maragogype and Pacas varietals. Pacas is a mutation of the Bourbon. If the Marago is the young, punk rock brother, the Pacamara is his classy older sister. She’s bright but refined. She’s past-punk and delves into the darker toned underground. Finca El Injerto’s Pacamara varietal beautifully balances a delicate savory flavor with milk chocolate, orange pekoe tea, orange blossoms and violets."