Badlands Brewery Crawl

This came in as a press release and seems like a cool event, even though it’s the first time I’ve heard of a brewery crawl in a grassroots campaign like this. They’d welcome people from the media, too.

(Incidentally, the other two breweries are Deschutes and Bend Brewing.)

The Oregon Natural Desert Association is on the move, amping up its campaign to protect the Badlands of Central Oregon as an official Wilderness this spring and on Thursday, March 27th will host a Brewery Crawl for the Badlands.

Just 15 miles east of Bend, the Badlands is home to 1,000 year-old Juniper trees, unique wildlife, exceptional spring wildflowers, and incredible lava flow formations. But as our community continues to grow, it is vital that we protect this amazing area as one of our last wild places.

Right now Bend has its best opportunity to preserve the Badlands as a Wilderness and so, the time is now for fans of the Badlands to show their support and take action to preserve this priceless resource for future generations.

Join ONDA on March 27th for a ‘Badlands Brewery Crawl.’ Starting at five o’clock at the Silver Moon Brewery on Greenwood and moving to two more fine brewpubs downtown, ONDA will be generating important visibility and action for the Badlands all night along the way. Come toast the High Desert and celebrate this effort to protect such an amazing wild place in Central Oregon with ONDA on March 27th!

And right now what can you do? Go to and check out our new action website when you click “take action for the Badlands” on the right.