5 things

The local economy—the implosion of it, along with the housing market, more specifically—is becoming an issue. This weekend the Bend Economy Blog ran a great post: 5 Things Bendites Should Do Now.

What can Bend do now? Well, maybe we should put the question a little differently: what should people do when they’re stuck in the middle of nowhere with no money? The answer is to protect their own interests, make their little corner of the world the best possible place to live, and band together to prevent outsiders from coming and taking their stuff. Because life’s not going to get easier around here for a while.

I don’t always follow those anonymous economy blogs too closely, but in this case, consider it required reading.

One thought on “5 things

  1. Sure because as everyone knows when you raise taxes you always increase revenue…

    And when people are struggling to afford the sky high cost of living and low wages in this area they are always happy to suck it up and pay just a little more to…get bigger government.

    I know I’m always willing to forgo silly luxury items like food and electricity so I can hand more of my hard-earned money to the city, state and feds.

    …Although I have to admit having roads that are actually drivable in Bend would be a pleasant change.

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