Bouncing off the Wall

Bouncing off the WallMonday I took the kids over to Bouncing off the Wall (meeting some friends with their kids), and I have to say, while I’m still a little skeptical over the long-term viability of such a place as a business, for parents with kids looking for something to do, this is a great place to go.

The concept is simple: it’s a place filled with all those "play inflatables" you see at carnivals and festivals: slides, bouncy castles, like that, and the kids get to play on them. That’s it.

Our new 11,000 square foot facility is home to 12 HUGE, interactive inflatables where kids can bounce, climb and slide their way to equally impressive fun! In addition, we also offer a variety of other activities including an infant/toddler play area, enrichment toys, games and Animaland, an interactive stuff-your-own animal adventure. For mom and dad, we have a comfy place for you to catch up on the morning paper, check your email via our wireless Internet, or visit with a friend while we help supervise the kids!

The price is $7 for the first child, and $6 per subsequent child (adults and kids under 1 are free). While this may seem steep at first, there’s no time limit, so if you’re there for a few hours, it really becomes more worth it.

(Compare to those same festivals where tickets for one turn on one of those things typically run $1 to $1.50 apiece.)

There are places for the adults to sit—some comfortable couches, as well as a few small tables with chairs—and you can buy snacks and drinks (or bring your own, I believe). My kids had a great time, so I can definitely recommend it.

They’re located south of town, just off of Reed Market, on the corner of Paiute Way and Centennial Court (the old Cascade All-Star Gymnastics building).

Bouncing off the Wall
1134 SE Centennial Court
Bend, OR 97702
(541) 306-6587

2 thoughts on “Bouncing off the Wall

  1. The cool thing about the inflatable group at all the Bend festivals is they have the best inflatables in Central Oregon….new, large and tons of fun outside. And $10 for an unlimited pass is the way to go!
    Thanks S&K Inflatables
    Signed One Happy Bend Family!!
    PS B.O. The Walls is okay but not as exciting as S&K festival inflatables,
    cannot wait for Munch & Music Thursday Nights at Drake Park!!

  2. Coming Soon To Bend Oregon
    S&K Wacky Indoor Bounce
    We just visited their Corvallis location…very cute & clean.
    Our 3 little girls will enjoy visiting their Grandparents in
    Bend for some bouncing fun. Awesome family time.
    See ya bouncing soon!
    The Roberts Family

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