Oregon Badlands Day of Action

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about the Badlands Brewery Crawl, an effort by the Oregon Natural Desert Association to raise awareness to get the Badlands east of Bend designated as a Wilderness Area. Now, ONDA is pushing April 1st as a "Day of Action" to further the process:

ONDA.org announces its April 1st Online Day of Action:

The Oregon Badlands can become a Wilderness NOW
If we show a huge upsurge in public support!

Join Hundreds of Oregonians TODAY as we coordinate a mass movement of voices in support of Badlands Wilderness.

Click here to take action.

Whats an online day of action?

  • It’s your chance to take 1 minute and have the impact of many thousands.
  • It’s your chance to make your voice heard with hundreds of others.
  • & It’s our chance to push this effort over the edge and make the Badlands a true Wilderness!

The Badlands will only become a Wilderness if we show Senator Wyden (our chief ally) that he HAS the support he needs to move this proposal forward.

Home to 1,000 year old Junipers, rare and unique wildlife, and ancient Native American pictographs, this pristine, high desert landscape is just 15 miles from downtown Bend an area that has tripled in size in the past decade. If we want to keep this precious wild place for the generations of Oregonians that will continue to move here, visit here, and prosper here we need to protect wilderness.

Take 1 minute and help to protect the Badlands forever!

That’s our opportunity today.