Bend city lights at night

This is fun… probably most everyone has seen the famous "Earth’s City Lights" picture NASA had published a number of years ago: a composite of satellite imagery showing the amount of light being given off at night across the world. Very cool (makes a great screensaver, too).

Yesterday a user sent me a link to this YouTube video: "Cities at Night, an Orbital Tour Around the World". It’s from some Saturday morning science show, apparently, and pretty much is what it says: shows various cities at night—rather, the "night light version" of the city. At 7:50 into the video, they show Bend:

Bend, Oregon, city lights at night (from above)
"Bend, Oregon. Rural areas are interesting not from what is seen, but rather, what is not seen, at all."

I just like this because it’s the only image of Bend of this kind that I’ve found that isn’t just a giant blurry dot of light (as in the NASA photos).

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