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I got the email for this earlier in the month and it slipped by me: check out Free Kibble, a website dedicated to providing dog food to the Humane Society of Central Oregon based on the amount of user traffic and interaction the site gets. Basically, you visit the site and answer the trivia question and—right or wrong—they will donate 10 pieces of kibble to the HSCO.

It’s much like the FreeRice website, but what’s doubly interesting about this one is that it was created by an 11-year-old:

Mimi Ausland, an 11 year old girl from Bend, Oregon, wanted to help feed the hungry dogs at her local animal shelter. "There are 10’s of thousands of dogs in animal shelters across the country, all needing to be fed a good meal." Say hello to!’s primary mission is to provide good, healthy dog food to these shelters who are working so hard to see that no dog goes hungry – they need our help. Our goal is to start with providing free kibble to our local Humane Society, and to expand from there – from one shelter to the next… The generous advertisers on make this possible!

Since April 1st, the site site says they’ve donated 82,550 pieces of kibble so far.

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  1. I was not able to access the website Free Kibble I feel awful now??? I seen the ad on NBC. Let me know if anything can be done?
    John Hardy

  2. Can not get into web site either… Help… want to send this out to everyone I know.

    How can we get into the site?

  3. I am unable to connect to this web site & definitely want to be able to click each day. Is there a problem with the site? Saw the info on the NBC nightly news….Way To Go Mimi!!! GREAT IDEA!! I work with the Bouvier des Flanders rescue and ALL shelters & human societies can benefit from a great and wonderful idea & follow through on your thoughts. Congratulations!!
    R L Chapple
    Nesbit, MS

  4. I just saw the nightly NBC news with the spot about the free Kibble website. I always go to the free rice site and now I want to help the dogs . I can’t get access the site. What to do??

  5. I think that what you are doing is fantastic, I wish I could help in some way. I am an animal lover too. And I feel so bad about the homeless animals. But it is people like you that make a difference.

  6. I would love to access this site but cannot. Just watched MSNBC Nightly News and became aware of this. Please advise.

  7. I tried to log on as well. It shows how popular the idea of helping homeless dogs is. The inability to access the site is probably due to internet traffic exceeding the capacity of the server. In that case it is a positive result of the NBC report and the dogs will be the winners, thanks to that young lady!

  8. My server said that too many people are trying to access the web site at this time and the freekibble server cannot handle it. I’m going to try at a later time. Go to Freerice and answer a few questions.

  9. I want to get on this website asap. I need some alternative to Freekibble. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  10. Hey all-

    The Free Kibble site looks like it’s up and down sporadically, probably because of all the traffic generated from the news spot. Keep trying, I’m sure the Free Kibble folks really appreciate it, so keep trying but be patient if the site is running slow or non-responsive–a lot of people want to help.

  11. i just went to msn and typed in freekibble also go to give to the animals they also donate food to different animal groups. good luck

  12. Why are so many people having problems bringing up the website?
    I have msn as my homepage so I always use it to search and I have never had a problem.

  13. I live in the Bahamas as sure wish I could get something like this going down here. We have a lot of stray dogs and are working hard to have them all spayed and neutered. I just want to say keep up the good work and thank you for remembering the animals no matter how big or small


    Victoria Bethell

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