Press Release: Bend Memorial Clinic introduces digital mammography

Women who undergo routine mammograms at Bend Memorial Clinic now have the latest diagnostic technology available to them, digital mammography. BMC’s Mammography Department features a state-of-the-art system, Selenia™ digital mammography machine from Hologic®.

BMC is very excited to be able to offer the newest technology for breast cancer detection. Digital mammography is different from conventional mammography in how the image of the breast is viewed and, more importantly, manipulated. The radiologist can magnify the images, increase or decrease the contrast and invert the black and white values while reading the images. These features allow the radiologist to evaluate microcalcifications and focus on areas of concern.

Digital mammography feels identical to conventional screening from a patient’s perspective, though women may notice shorter exam times and a reduction in call-backs to obtain additional images. Demand for digital mammography is high, and women are excited and pleased that BMC offers this state-of-the-art technology.

To schedule a digital mammography at BMC call 541-382-4900.

About BMC:
Bend Memorial Clinic includes over 80 providers representing 15 branches of medicine and 30 service specialties. It is the largest multi-specialty group east of the Cascades and functions as a comprehensive referral center for physicians and communities throughout the state. The clinic has provided primary and specialty care since 1946.