Bend Bulletin’s revamped website

The Bend Bulletin has rolled out their new and improved website today (announced the other day here). Overall it’s a much, much better interface, with better use of space and design and flow. The default fonts—at least on Firefox—might be a bit large for my tastes; it’s possible to be well-designed and yet use too much space (six screenfuls on the home page), but by and large the site now looks like a current news site.

They still have the E-edition problem, as Jake points out—the very fact it exists is, essentially, the "problem." Another problem is the comment system: the fact that they are willing to accept and post user comments online is great, but—you have to be a subscriber (either E-edition or print) to do so. Ouch.

Still, it’s a step in the right direction. Hopefully not the last.

One thought on “Bend Bulletin’s revamped website

  1. Who do I contact by email to inquire into high property taxes on Seniors, residing at Sun Tree Village retirement park??

    I would like to see a series of articles, showing how some states allow
    homesteading at age 65 and do not pay property, nor school taxes.

    The residents here do not own the land that their double wide trailers
    are own, but the taxes were raised by $200 this year over lastm making an average of $600/700 per person.

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