Last year (or two) in May…

This month is marks the two year anniversary of Hack Bend! So my retrospective will cover 2006 and 2007.

In 2006:

In 2007:

One thought on “Last year (or two) in May…

  1. A response to my comment on your Palmer’s post reads, "Seems to me I recall a Jen that used to work there and left under bad circumstances. Wonder if you are the same Jen."

    Nope, I am not the same Jen. I have never worked in a restaurant – I break enough of my own dishes at home! But after hearing more people say great things about Palmer’s I tried again. My coffee cup was STILL left sad and empty, and it was still underwhelming. Sigh… just my luck I guess.

    An update on wi-fi hotspots: Bike Mecca maintains the best local list, it’s my "go to" resource for this information.

    I like the Vic too. 🙂 Bloody Marys FTW! I wonder if they take reservations for Mother’s Day?

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