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Habanero Pineapple Basil Martini, photo copyright by Simone Paddock of Emerald Bay PhotographyYeah, I’m running a bunch of press release type stuff recently, I know—people keep sending me stuff that I’m actually interested in posting. (For the record, I don’t post every single thing I receive—only stuff I think is interesting or that I think readers would like. And sometimes I just get behind and something doesn’t get posted at all.)

Anyway, Wednesdays this month at the Blacksmith are "May Martini Tastings"; it’s basically their wine tastings that I blogged about but kicked up a notch for May. And I blogged this just in time, too: tomorrow’s (May 7) tasting is themed "Martinis of the ’20s."

Here’s the clipped section from the press release—note the price and time!

Great Gatsby! During May, the Blacksmith Restaurant + Bar + Lounge mixes up its Wednesday tastings with the swankiest of cocktails, the martini. Join the Blacksmith’s own intoxicologist, John Hansen in the Anvil Room this week for “Martinis of the ’20s,” a journey through the martini’s history, including John’s antique shaker collection.

Here’s the line-up for May:
May 7: Martinis of the ’20s
May 14: Post-Prohibition Martinis
May 21: Disco Martinis
May 28: Modern Martinis

Martini tasters will be served cocktail party-style, with appetizers included. Price is $25 per person. Party starts at 5pm.

So a bit spendy, but it still sounds like fun.

Photo credit: Copyright © by (my friend) Simone Paddock of Emerald Bay Photography.

2 thoughts on “Blacksmith Martini Wednesdays

  1. My friend & I attended the Martini Tasting Wed 5/28 and have a few comments for you. We are both from Bend and were disappointed with your event. First nothing was explained to us. It seemed unorganized; friends of the Toxicologist and waitress showed up and received free drinks and appetizers that the 4 of us at our table were paying for; the waitress was very unfriendly except to her friends; the appetizers were taken away from us and given to another table and the visiting friends; the first drink was impossible to eat without a fork so we had to use our cocktail fork offered. We thought it appropriate to critique this experience. I don’t think we will try it again and will not recommend it to our friends. I hope others have a better experience than we did. Best of luck!

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