May at Thump

In addition to the May art I blogged earlier at Thump Coffee, here are this month’s events:

CUPPING: Sunday, May 25 1:30pm-2:30pm

Can you taste the difference between a washed process and dry process coffee? Join our public coffee cuppings and taste coffees side-by-side. Discover personal preferences, likes and dislikes, and begin to taste and describe your personal and subjective sensory experience. You’ll appreciate how many variables and steps along the coffee’s path to us can influence how it tastes in the cup. Cuppings are usually the third Sunday of the month at 1:30pm – get details at

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Featured Coffee: Costa Rica Montes de Oro – Washed Processed

From Kent Chapple, thump owner: This is the same bean we were serving a few months ago, however the current lot has been processed differently. The fully washed process produces a cleaner, brighter, and slightly sweeter flavor. Where the previous lot exhibited flavors of grape, cherry and milk chocolate; the current lot shows lemon, dark chocolate, and brown sugar. I love the way this bean illustrates the importance of the processing method on the final cup quality (see Thumpology).

ART: Shelby Leigh Photography (throughout May)

According to photographer Shelby Leigh, her work is an extension of sometimes-quiet observations and how she sees tiny moments in time. In her travels near and far – the exhibit includes photos from Oregon, Morocco and Chile – she likes to "notice the little things and bring them to others so that they too can see the beauty and intricacies that this world has to offer." Though she says her stories are infused in each image, she invites you to "let your imagination take you on your own journey to find peace, simplicity and wonder."

Recently making the transition from film cameras to fully digital photography, Leigh explains that her newer images were shot with a Nikon D70 camera and digitally printed from an Epson 2200 printer, while most of her photos have been taken with many different traditional film SLR cameras, scanned, then printed from the Epson 2200.

ART: Avis Lofts by Robert Johans (through Spring)

Avis Lofts Tumalo-based artist and custom furniture designer Robert Johans elevates the humble, utilitarian birdhouse into the fine art realm. Whimsy and masterful craftsmanship make Avis Lofts the perfect celebration of Spring.

ART: "Wishes" (semi-permanent installation)

Grab a plank and let everybody know your heart’s fondest desires. From the absurd to the profound, the Wishes reveal the full range of human concerns and humor. Artist Mark Bernahl will continue rotating newly minted wishes into the existing installation.