Two new restaurants

Seems like you can’t go a day around here any more without hearing news of a new restaurant planned, but I notice that two of them actually, you know, opened: The Bungalow Grille and Celina’s Gourmet Latin Bistro.

(No, I haven’t been to either one.)

The Bungalow Grille is the new place up north in the Cascade Village Shopping Center, serving up "tropical" themed food. Apparently they also offer free valet parking, which for some reason amuses me greatly.

Judging by the menus on their website (if you can navigate it; they’ve taken a stuff-it-all-into-a-single-page approach which is rather unusable), they’re on the expensive side. Other than that, I haven’t heard anything else about them.

The only details I know about Celina’s is what appeared in today’s "Small Bites" in the Bulletin:

The owners of El Caporal opened Celina’s Gourmet Latin Bistro on May 9 on Bend’s east side. Chef Francisco Simental prepares soups, salads, appetizers, and entrees in the $14 to $17 range. Dishes include Talla (pan-seared salmon marinated in New Mexico chilies) and Francisco (chicken breast stuffed with pineapple, served in a creamy coconut sauce). Celina’s space was previously occupied by Puerto Alegre. Open 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day. 547 N.E. Bellevue Drive (off 27th Street), Suite 109, Bend; 318-7567,

You’ll note, however, that the website address they give only points to a landing page.

6 thoughts on “Two new restaurants

  1. If you bothered to actually *listen* to me, I told you that a new Latin place opened up last week, when I read the Source’s dining guide 😛

  2. Celina’s opened two days after the Source’s dining guide came out. I went there on Wednesday of this week, even saw Lyle and his wife there. They said they enjoyed their meal. I absolutely loved mine. My review will be coming out next week.

    The only thing I’ve heard about Bungalow Grill is that it is expensive.


  3. Heard anything about an opening date for the Sonic? Can’t believe how fast it went up. Their diet cherry-limeade is awesome.

  4. I went to Allyson’s Kitchen recently and really enjoyed the sandwiches there. They have a great deli and homemade frozen food too. I think it’s my new fav. sandwich shop. If they will add some kid’s fare it definitely will be.

    I had the Titus – all the sandwiches are named after Shakespeare dudes. I just stumbled on the deli by accident but it’s good.

    Check it out!

  5. I got the same cheeseball comment from Debi S. on a random post of mine just like she’s done here. Obviously she’s commenting without reading the contents of the post. I wonder if she found my review at all, wasn’t favorable.


  6. I tried out the new Bungalow Grille on Sunday 7/13. My partner and I were very disappointed. First of all, the waiter recited the Chef’s Special as being a Teriyaki Chicken Salad for $12. He received a Caesar Salad, which was tasty so we didn’t complain. I noticed that the couple behind us also ordered the Chef’s Special of Teriyaki Salad and received the same Caesar that we did. I’m thinking the waiter just didn’t have a clue as to what the day’s special was. I ordered a chicken sandwich that was very plain; it sounded so good with fresh mozzarella; basil; etc…. The chicken breast only filled up about half of the standard onion hamburger bun that it was served on. It was $12, but not worth more than a $3 chicken sandwich you’d buy at McDees. Now, on a positive note, the atmosphere was delightful and very inviting. I wouldn’t mind having a couple cocktails and hanging out in there for a bit. Although, by the looks of their drink menu, it wouldn’t be a inexpensive night, even if it were just drinks for two. I probably won’t go back.

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