Sonic is open already!

In today’s paper, there is a photo and caption indicating that the new Sonic Drive-In up on the north end (the old Tom Tom Diner location) is open already.

Cool, but puzzling as I drove by there as recently as Friday, and it sure didn’t look like it was anywhere near ready to open, construction-wise. But since I keep hearing from a bunch of people how they can’t wait for Sonic to open, this’ll be good news.

8 thoughts on “Sonic is open already!

  1. I was thinking the same thing when I saw the paper this morning. I just drove by last week and it didn’t look like it as open.

    They have the best shakes at Sonic. Almost as good as Dairy Queen. Not as good as Pilot Butte Burger.

  2. Sorry, Monkey Boy, you’re wrong. Dandy’s is not only as good as Pilot Butte, but much better. Actually, Dandy’s has the best hamburger in Central Oregon, and shakes as well, Mrs. H.

    And the Bulletin’s blurb mentioned roller-skating carhops. Dandy’s has those, too.

  3. Dandy’s is good, but sorry: their burgers are nothing on PBDI’s. Two words: Real cheese. When you get a bacon cheeseburger at Dandy’s (at least last time I was there) they use American (aka Fake) cheese. PBDI: Pure tasty cheddar. Or swiss. Or pepper jack. Or whatever.

    Better ingredients = Better Burgers.

  4. Just another unhealthy fast food burger joint for a rich guy from Texas to get even wealther off suckers from Bend. I pass, tried elsewhere was not impressed.

  5. hey i work at one in anderson cail. what don’t yall like about it. yes i am form texas too

  6. Hate to break it to you Jenna but after talking to the owner last week, I can assure you that while he is from Texas – he "ain’t" rich. He just found a way to enjoy the Bend lifestyle. On top of it, he loves Dandy’s (and by the way, I believe Sonics opened with skating carhops well before Dandys.)

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