Wednesdays in June at the Blacksmith: Beers

Photo copyright by Simone Paddock of Emerald Bay PhotographyIn May, the Blacksmith‘s Wednesday tastings were all Martinis. For June, they’re doing beer:

Prepare to achieve beervana. During June, the Blacksmith Restaurant + Bar + Lounge gives brews their due at Wednesday tastings featuring beers from near and far. Join the Blacksmith’s own beer connoisseur’s study group in the Anvil Room every Hump Day.

Here’s the line-up for June:
June 4 = International Beers
June 11 = East Coast Beers
June 18 = West Coast Beers
June 25 = Local Beers

Price is $10 per person, including appetizers. Party starts at 5pm.

I like the sound of it—and $10 is definitely easier on the wallet than the $25 for the martinis—though I’d like to know what beers each day will actually feature. "Local Beers" is pretty obvious, naturally. But are they brining in special beers just for the tastings, or just going with what they have on tap or in the bottle?

Photo credit: Copyright © by (my friend) Simone Paddock of Emerald Bay Photography.

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