Demo a Marin bike with Cog Wild

Melanie from Cog Wild sends this along:

You are invited to bring your ID and come to Phil’s Trailhead this Thursday & Friday from 3pm to dusk and demo a Marin hardtail, full suspension and free ride bike. Cog Wild will be doing shuttles up Skyliner so you can have a fun ride back to the trailhead and Trinity Bikes is shuttling to the Lair.

If you are not familiar with Marin Bikes (pronounced Ma-rin), this is a great opportunity to check out the company that won bike of the year from Bike Magazine in 2007 and offers high quality bike builds on great frames for great prices. You can check them out online at

Trinity Bikes in Redmond is the local dealer and will be offering 10% off Marin bikes after the demo for COTA members (never too late to join). In addition, Marin Bikes will donate $50 to COTA for every $1000+ bike purchased.

See you at the trailhead!

3 thoughts on “Demo a Marin bike with Cog Wild

  1. Um…someone doesn’t understand how a pronunciation guide works!

    "Marin Bikes (pronounced Ma-rin)" tells us nothing at all…

  2. Many people say Mar-in or others, so I was hoping to just point out a little more how to pronounce it… sorry!

  3. OK…but…

    Is it Mah-rin?

    Or Mahr-in?

    Or Mare-in?

    Or May-rin?

    Or something else?

    What you did would be like me saying:

    "Willamette is pronounced Will-amette, not Willa-mette."

    Phonetics is what you need, is what I’m sayin’.

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