Blacksmith beer tasting lineup

The other day I blogged about the Blacksmith’s beer tasting Wednesdays, and I wondered aloud (as "aloud" as posting on a blog can be) what the actual beers would be. Wonder no more; I got an email pointing to the BS blog listing just what will be tasted this week:

This week will be the first installment of Beer month at The Blacksmith and we will be tasting five international beers. 

  • Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse (Munich, Germany | ABV 5.0%)
  • Fullers ESB (London, England | ABV 5.9%)
  • Mikkeller All Others Pale (Copenhagen, Denmark | ABV 6.0%)
  • Saison Dupont (Tourpes-Leuze, Belgium | ABV 6.5%)
  • Black Boss Porter (Witnica, Poland | 9.4%)

Join The Blacksmith’s own beer connoisseur’s study group in the Anvil Room this Wednesday from 5-7 PM. $10 per person.

That’s a nice lineup, a bit different from their usual assortment of beers (based on what they have listed online; the Franziskaner is the only cross-over that I see).