This Wednesday’s beer at the Blacksmith

The lineup of beers for this Wednesday’s Blacksmith Beer Tasting is posted:

Join us this Wednesday to taste some great beer from the East Side. This week we will be tasting the Dogfish Head 60 & 90 minuet IPA’s side by side. Plus two distinctly different and wonderful beers from Victory Brewing. And last but not least one big Belgian from New York.

  • Victory Prima Pils (German Pilsner | Dowingtown, Pennsylvania | 5.3% ABV | RB: 90)
  • Dogfish Head 60 Min IPA (American IPA | Milton, Delaware | 6% ABV | RB: 95)
  • Dogfish Head 90 Min IPA (Imperial IPA | Milton, Delaware | 9% ABV| RB: 99)
  • Ommegang Abbey Ale (Belgian Strong Ale | Cooperstown, New York | 8.5% ABV | RB: 97)
  • Victory Storm King Stout (Russian Imperial Stout | Dowingtown, Pennsylvania | 9.1% ABV | RB: 100)

Join The Blacksmith’s own beer connoisseur’s study group in the Anvil Room this Wednesday from 5-7 PM. $10 per person including passed apps.

Most of those are fairly heavy and more expensive beers, so $10 is definitely worth it.