On tap at Kebaba

Good beer drinkers take note: on tap at Kebaba right now (I know, Kebaba, right?) is a keg of Chimay White. It’s on tap for $6.50 a glass and the owner expects it to last only four or five days.

(Believe it or not, $6.50 for Chimay White on tap is a good deal.)

After that, it gets better:

The next import keg I am trying to get is a Saison Du Pont. Another Belgium beer that is equally as tasty as the Chimay. It will be a few weeks after the Chimay is gone when it goes on tap. Then every few weeks another specialty import keg.

Chimay is good, but Saison Dupont is amazing. I wouldn’t have guessed Kebaba as having anything more than the usual run-of-the-mill tap list restaurants mostly have around here, but this is good to know.