Project Blue Book Festival is back for a second year

I didn’t see this coming (I really didn’t): Redmond’s Project Blue Book Festival (see last’s year’s post) is back for their Second Annual edition. Here’s the email I got tonight (I bolded the date):

Hey! Last years festival was great for a first time event! And surprising how many people do not know about Redmond & Central Oregon’s rich history of UFO sightings! Here is a link to one of the documented sightings:

So, just to let you know the 2nd Annual Redmond’s Project Blue Book UFO Parade will be June 28th, Downtown Redmond, OR…10:00AM on 7th & 8th Streets between Evergreen & Deschutes…Free event! Staging for the parade is on 8th street between Evergreen & Deschutes, and route is twice around the block!!!

If anyone is interested in being in the parade, contact me by June 25. Ribbons for Best of Categories including; Best Alien Look-Alike, Alien Group/Family; Alien Craft, Alien Being, and Historical Alien.
Tracy Thille 408-6554

Too strange to make up. The 28th is a Saturday, by the way.

2 thoughts on “Project Blue Book Festival is back for a second year

  1. It was that or bring back the Potato Festival, though I think they’re still trying to do a bit of both. Not sure how that works, but I guess we’ll all know in a little less than two weeks.

    /set phasers to mash

  2. it has been great fun setting this event up. the volunteers are great. the supporting business’s with there gifts and donations make this truly a local event for the whole family. prizes are from great people who want to thank the community for their support. it’s not often that an event is free.

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