Dinner deals at Jake’s Diner

Lyle on the Jake’s Diner blog has a post this morning which highlights some of the great dinner deals they’re offering:

Tuesday night is Spaghetti night. All you can eat for a very reasonable price of $7.99 with the kids eating for $1 each. I meant this to be a night for families (especially ones that normally cannot afford to go out much).

Thursday nights, we have started a steak night that we have coined "Thank goodness it’s Thursday" (thanks to Lana, our day cashier, who came up with the name and by the way is a reader of this blog so when you read this Lana, Thanks!). We sell our hand cut ten ounce Black Angus Top Steak for under Ten Dollars (I don’t know of another restaurant around who does that). It allows for that person who loves a good steak to have one without killing their pocket book.

They’re also soliciting ideas about what to do on Sunday nights—generally their slowest night. Click through on the link to read more.

2 thoughts on “Dinner deals at Jake’s Diner

  1. Stinky and I had dinner there last Tuesday, and he had the kids’ spaghetti special. He loved it and powered down two big plates full!

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