3 thoughts on “Any guesses on how the fireworks crackdown went?

  1. I saw the email and compared it to how many illegals we heard/saw that night…no comparison, you’re right "not too impressive"

  2. You left out the most important statistic which is the 79% reduction in firework caused fires. Also, it is important to remember that this being the first year of the ‘crackdown’ the emphasis was on education, not citations. Making 152 educational contacts in one night is pretty impressive. The other thing that is impossible to measure, but everyone will speculate on is how many folks decided not to use illegal fireworks because of the media effort that preceeded the crackdown. Usually things like this take a few years to really show a noticable result but I wonder what you think would have been impressive for stats?

  3. Didn’t seem any less illegal in my neighborhood. The only difference was that the nights explosions didn’t seem to go as late. We just attributed that to people just not having as much money that they were willing to burn.

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