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By now everyone’s probably heard that Kayo’s is closing it’s two restaurants—their "Roadhouse" in Redmond and their "Roadhouse East" in Bend. (Apparently there’s a Kayo’s Sports Bar in the north end of Bend that’s remaining open? Though the KTVZ article mentions it’s in southeast Bend… Anyone actually know where this place is at?)

But I was over at the Factory Outlets on the south end of Bend and was surprised to see that the kids store "Bear Hugz" was also closed—no sign, windows dark, everything.

(Bear Hugz was the same type of place as the Build-a-Bear Workshop: you get to choose and "build" your own teddy bear or plush toy, with accessories and everything.)

It’s getting kind of crazy the sudden closures that seem to be popping up. Anyone know of any others?

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  1. I don’t think there’s a Kayo’s in north Bend. At least I don’t know of one. There was one at Powers and Third right in front of the veterinary clinic and the western clothing store, but it’s been demolished and there’s a bank there now.

    I noticed the other day that Kayo’s had moved a bit to the north and ACROSS Third, though I don’t know what the cross street is. It was in a sort-of beige colored building set back off Third, or at least there was a sign there.

    As for the sudden closures popping up, I’d guess this is just the first trickle in what will be a flood over the next year or so. It’s gonna be ugly. I hate to agree with Duncan at Pegasus, but this town is over-retailed.

  2. Isn’t there a Kayos sort of across the street from one of the thrift stores? St. Vincent DePaul maybe? Funny little square building, brick. The lot set empty for ages. The building set empty for ages too. Just my guess.


  3. The Kayo’s Sports Bar is in the old movie theater off Third just north of Reed Market. For those of us who have been around long enough, before the Old Mill there was a 2 screen theater on Third Street. Thats now Kayo’s Sports Bar.

    Don’t quote me on this, but I believe Kayo’s Sports bar is owned and operated by the original Kayo, while the Roadhouses that just clsoed were actually owned by someone else.

  4. I have heard rumors that 38 Degrees and Yoko’s have closed but have not confirmed. Drove by 38 on the 23rd and they were closed but I couldn’t tell if it was just for the day or for good. No response via email from them yet.


  5. South side Soba was set to close for a remodel into something else "more Japanesey" to quote a staffer.

  6. the bar they are refering is called the NORTH SIDE and NOT THE NORTH-END LIKE THE MEDIA IS SAYING AND IS NEAR reed market and the train crossings. i used to worked at kayos thats how i know

  7. I saw the Kayo’s you are looking for it is in the old area the movie theaters used to be on now Business 97.. next to the tanning place.

  8. Merendas and Deep is up for sale……Greg’s Grill will soon be PF Changs or this could all be rumors?

  9. Greg’s Grill is NOT closing and is NOT for sale. One of our competitors started this rumor and we know who it is as he approached us in February and asked to either buy us (he said he represented a group of investors) or work for us. We declined his offer and the rumors then started. We are in Bend and intend to remain in Bend. We will do our best to provide quality service and food and want to be as good as we can possibly be. Any questions or suggestions? I would be happy to talk to anyone. My husband and I are the owners of Greg’s Grill.

  10. That’s too bad to hear that Greg’s Grill is NOT becoming a PF Changs. Greg’s Grill sucks and it would be awesome to have a place like PF Changs that actually does Chinese food well. Bend is sorely lacking good Chinese restaurants.

  11. We have heard rumor that Longboard Louie’s Eastside is going to close.
    This is not true and we are here to stay and offer a good family meal at reasonable prices.
    Both restaurants are staying open, but we are sad to see all of these local guys closing their doors. Let’s all try and support the local people!
    Thanks Kathi and Jeff

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