Here’s a story that I would have expected local news to have picked up (other than KOHD, see below): Oregon Man Catches Possible UFO on Video.

Home video from a man in central Oregon showing what appears to be a UFO has experts scratching their heads.

"This is odd, I said, ‘I’ve got to go get my video camera.’ So I ran upstairs to the office and grabbed my video camera and the tripod," said Blake Lundstrom. He had been enjoying the view of gliders from the Sunriver airport outside his office sunday morning when what he calls a ufo appeared out of nowhere.

"The glider was just about 1000 feet off the ground here and the object was way up in the sky up here when I first saw it pretty much we are looking due west," Lundstrom said.

He followed the object for 45 minutes as it traveled curving south and then north towards Bend, Oregon.

"It came way out here there until it became so distant and then I lost it.

That first showed up on a Sacramento news site, and then KOHD picked it up later. Kind of an odd story, but it’s the kind of thing people usually eat up.

The guy who shot the video—Blake Lundstrom—also left a detailed comment on the site with the date and time he recorded: Sunday the 3rd from 10:30 until 11:15. Anyone else notice this, or anything unusual? Anything to lend credence to the situation?

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  1. For the record, the copy you are seeing on the Sacramento website is from KOHD. The quotes/soundbites are from the original interview conducted by KOHD’s Lauren Biskind. The story first ran the night before with just the video submitted late in the day by Blake. Then a more extensive story followed the next day, when there was more time to go into more detail.

    KOHD and ABC News received permission from Blake to allow other affiliates to run the video. Because the Sacramento station is also an ABC TV affiliate they are allowed to post the script as their own.

  2. Interesting! I’d be interested to see the rest of his footage! If he followed it for 45 minutes then there has to be more than what KOHD showed… I give them props for running the story but what they showed was really irrelevent. I’d like to see it with some trees or mountains in the frame to reference it and decipher between camera shake/movement and object movement.

  3. We would have also liked to see that, but watching the full video there isn’t any point where he pulls out to give a frame of reference. What ran on KOHD is the best section with the clearest footage. Does make you skeptical, though, doesn’t it?!

  4. I was in Astoria, Oregon the next day. We were sitting outside in the early evening. We saw the same exact object traveling SW with no sound. I was surprised to see it on the news in Bend as opoosed to Astoria.

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