Wildfire Brewing has to change its name

This is news I’d expect to have shown up locally first, but instead it showed up on the NewWest site (out of Montana): Bend’s Wildfire Brewery Forced To Change Name.

Wildfire restaurants – a chain of eateries with locations in Illinois, Minnesota, Virginia and Georgia – sent a letter earlier this month to the owners of Wildfire Brewery informing them that they were in violation of a trademarked title. The letter strongly suggested that the brewery changes its name within six months, said Paul Cook, a co-owner and brewer for Wildfire.

Rather than take the issue to court, Cook said the Bend suds producer opted to change their business name….

As for a new name to replace Wildfire, Cook said he and his business partners currently have a list of five they are trying to narrow down. The owners of Wildfire Brewery – which opened in April 2007 – are also reaching out the public for help creating a new name. Fliers are being distributed throughout Central Oregon where patrons can write down what they think should be a new name for the brewery. If Wildfire Brewery owners choose one of the names suggested, the individual who creates it will be given a free kegerator.

Fortunately, the main things they have to replace that are branded are tap handles around town. And, they’re still producing beer during this time, so that’s good news.

Anyone seen any of these name-change fliers yet?

2 thoughts on “Wildfire Brewing has to change its name

  1. I think its really funny too that http://www.wildfirebrewing.com/, and any googling of Wildfire Brewery/brewing/company refers to just some random unaffiliated homebrewer.

    I mean, how long has wildfire been around and they still only have a hideous myspace page? Come on guys, spend the $50 a year and get a real website and get your reputation out there.

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