KBNZ: New Bend CBS affiliate

This was originally reported last month, but Bend is getting a new television affiliate-slash-station(?) for CBS soon: KBNZ. I believe it will replace KOIN on channel 13 on Bend Broadband with channel 6 for the local channel.

KBNZ-LP, a low-power station being launched soon by New Vision Television in Bend, Ore., will be the CBS affiliate in the 192nd-largest TV market in the country.

New Vision Executive VP Steve Spendlove will oversee KBNZ and sister Oregon station and CBS affiliate KOIN-TV in Portland, according to the announcement Wednesday.

I don’t really know much else, except they had an employment ad in Sunday’s Bulletin classifieds, wherein they’re looking to hire "Account Executive, News Reporter, News Photographer, News Editor, Production Editor/ Photographer".

Can’t find a website yet, either.

7 thoughts on “KBNZ: New Bend CBS affiliate

  1. so in this digital age they are launching a low power station? better make sure you have a new converter box.

    assume that means no high def either.

  2. Where are they transmitting from? I’m only 2 mi from Aubrey Butte and all I get are streaks, totally useless.

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