Bend’s newest park?

I don’t know the name of it, but some friends clued us in to what has to be one of the newest (if not the newest) park in Bend, located in the brand-new Pahlisch development in Northeast Bend. It’s sandwiched in between Comet Lane and Wishing Well Lane (an area so new it isn’t on the maps yet—just a blank lot), and it’s really quite nice: park area with a playground, a half basketball court, benches, a nice picnic area.

The restrooms aren’t finished yet—some of the crew were working on them when we visited earlier in the week—and (obviously) hardly anybody knows about it. It serves the neighborhoods in that area well, though, and it looked like there were walking/running trails coming to and fro.

No sign that I can see online anywhere, not even the Parks and Rec site! How’d they sneak this one in?

5 thoughts on “Bend’s newest park?

  1. Just a guess, but Pahlisch is known for including community space in their neighborhoods… it may not be on any city stuff because it’s probably privately owned land that is being made open to all the residents in the area. Again, just a guess.

  2. Hmm… we used to live on Comet Ln. Is it the area past the dead end? Our kids used to ride their bikes and build forts back there and it was basically wasteland.

    Didn’t realize another Pahlisch neighborhood was back there. I thought it was on the other side of 18th.

  3. It could be a Pahlisch-built park, but it has a "Parks and Rec" look to it.

    Past the "dead end" on Comet Ln, yeah… because there IS no more dead end on Comet. They’ve punched it all the way through and the old wasteland is gridded out with new streets… Black Powder Lane and Smoke Stack Lane are two of them.

    (There IS a Pahlisch development on the other side of 18th, too.)

  4. Wow… obviously I haven’t been back to the old ‘hood in a while. If they punched Comet through then I am *really* glad that we don’t live there any more!! (And I am glad to have missed the road construction in my front yard. I feel bad for my former neighbors!!)

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